Do Hummingbirds Recognize Humans?

do hummingbirds recognize humans
Hummingbirds remember and recognize humans, they are known to fly over and around humans to alert them of spoiled or empty feeders. Spending time taking care of and feeding hummingbirds can be rewarding. There’s nothing better than having these guests in your garden to enjoy their bright colors.

Still, that tiny bird you see hoovering around its food source likely remembers your face. Hummingbirds are super smart and tend to recognize people who care for the hummingbird feeders. This is why you may see some of them flying over your head, alerting you that their sugar water needs to be replaced.

Keeping reading to learn more about how get hummingbirds to trust you. 

Why Are Hummingbirds So Smart?

This type of bird has an excellent memory. This is due to the hummingbird’s brain. Compared to other birds, their brain is larger than their body size. Most hummers remember year-to-year and will love seeing their old feeders restocked.

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Are All Hummingbirds Smart?

There is not one specific subspecies of hummingbirds that is smarter. They’re all highly intelligent birds. This is why it’s easy to let them know you and get close. With the proper steps, you’ll always have some approach you, such as:

  • Black-chinned
  • Anna’s
  • Rufous, or
  • Ruby-throated hummingbird

Are Hummingbirds Curious About Humans?

Hummingbirds are naturally curious about their environment, including humans. They’ll want to know more about you if you’re in their space. If you’re a birdwatcher and often sit outside, you’ll see some of them approach you.

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Why Do Hummingbirds Come to Humans?

Hummingbirds often come to humans to check whether they have some food. Once you get them used to their food supply, these little birds will be happy to remind you about a refill. Hummers know they can escape quickly, so they aren’t afraid of flying around you, chirping, and asking for food.

You shouldn’t worry as they never attack humans. They appear to be self-aware and would instead escape than get in conflict.

Do Hummingbirds Communicate With Humans?

If you host hummingbirds in your garden, you’ll likely notice they have a special way of communicating with you. For example:

  • they can hover around your head
  • could chirp around you
  • might land on your hand if they fully trust you
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Do Hummingbirds Befriend Humans?

Besides just flying around asking for food, some hummingbirds will become so free with you that they will land on your finger. Many stories and videos show how people feed these birds right from their hands.

Can Humans Touch Hummingbirds?

Legally, you’re not allowed to keep or trap hummers in any way. You’re also not supposed to touch them as you may hurt their tiny bodies. If a hummingbird lands on you, it’s best you enjoy its company without any further physical contact.

An exception to this rule is when or if you notice a hummer or a baby hummingbird in danger or hurt because of an injury. If that happens, you should do your best to help the little birds and keep them alive. The best course of action is take them to the nearest veterinarian or call for a wildlife company.

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What Are Some Ways That Humans Can Attract Hummingbirds to Their Yards?

Both female hummingbirds and male hummingbirds return to their territory every year. They love seeing their flowering plants and feeders waiting for them. The best way to attract them to your garden is to plant flowers they like.

Some of their favorite flowers include hummingbird vine and:

  • petunias
  • salvia
  • impatiens
  • bee balm and
  • columbine

Add bird baths near the feeder so they can refresh during hot days.

Additionally, offering an additional treat will make the hummers happy. Mix 1 part of refined white sugar and 4 parts of water until the sugar is dissolved. Don’t add red food dye. Fill in the empty feeders and store the remaining nectar in the fridge for later.

Finally, don’t use pesticides in your garden, and don’t ruin the spider webs — females need them to make nests before the mating season. Use a feeder warmer during colder months (you can purchase one from Amazon).

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Getting the Hummingbird to Trust You

If you want to keep hummingbirds around you, you must earn their trust. You can do this the following way:

  • keep your other pets inside to remove disturbances
  • teach your children to remain quiet around hummers
  • prepare a place where you’ll sit down to be near them
  • stay patient to earn their trust

Final Word

If you’re an avid birdwatcher, you’ll be happy to know that hummingbirds will likely remember you if you’re around. Keep providing them with the sugar water all year to enjoy watching their tail feathers spread showcase and upside-down flying. They’ll even land on your hand to feed if you get them to trust you.

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